Tetri's Smile Laboratory

Our boutique has its own high-tech laboratory. Technicians working in the laboratory are an integral part of a successful end result, therefore, much attention is paid in the boutique not only to equipment, but also to improving the qualifications of technicians. The greatest asset of our laboratory is the combination of the artistic talent of our technicians in a collaboration with the world’s latest technologies for the production of dental masterpieces. Laboratory specialists are constantly improving their qualifications, learning the latest technologies that appear in dentistry.

Crowns, bridges, inlays, frameworks, etc. are performed on the CAD/CAM -which allows to make a 3D model before making a prosthesis and perform work of any degree of complexity. All types of prosthetics are carried out with the participation of: patient, doctor, technician.

Axiographs and CT Scans

Analysis of jaw movement and a 3D image obtained via a CT Scan