Plastic Surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery
Tetri’s Smile Dental Boutique offers great periodontal procedures to strengthen the gum tissue while enhancing the patient’s overall appearance.

These procedures can help our patients maintain their natural teeth and treat sensitivity issues while also improving your smile’s beauty. These plastic surgery procedures include soft tissue grafts and esthetic crown lengthening that helps with aesthetic appearance.

With soft tissue grafting, a small piece of tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth and reattached to the gum where the previously exposed root was located. That not only helps significantly decrease the level of sensitivity and discomfort in the area, but it also helps improve the overall esthetics of the patient’s smile.

This cosmetic dentistry treatment can significantly improve a person's appearance, especially people with long or misaligned teeth, and can also relieve pain and discomfort from exposed roots and sensitive gums.