Gum (Periodontal) Surgery

Surgical operations of any complexity

Dental microscope

In-depth diagnosis

VIP treatment without pain or stress

At Tetri’s Smile in Miami, Dr. Tetri – a board-certified periodontist – performs gum (periodontal) surgery of any complexity.

Periodontal, or gum surgery, is the surgical treatment of various periodontal or gum diseases. It is used when the therapeutic treatment is powerless.

Who needs gum surgery?

Gingival recession/growth

Teeth neck exposure

Periodontal pockets

Disruption of the physiological gingival contour.

If you have one of the gum problems listed above, visit Tetri’s Smile in Miami. We offer options for a truly effective solution!


from $650
Crown lengthening (per tooth)
Gingivectomy (1-3 teeth)
from $300

Entrust your treatment to Dr. Tetri – a board-certified periodontist

Dr. Tetri

I perform diagnostics using a modern Morita 3D CT scanner. I assess the stage of the pathological process and the condition of the bone tissue surrounding the tooth

I use a dental microscope for precision in my work. I make gentle incisions and neat sutures to speed up the rehabilitation process.

I can perform surgeries under sedation – no pain, no worries.

I use platelet-enriched plasma and stem cells to shorten the postoperative period.

If you’re looking for a clinic in Miami that offers premium surgery, welcome to Tetri’s Smile!

Dr Tetri


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    Examples of work

    gingival inflammation before and after
    This patient developed a serious infection called “gingival inflammation” 3 months after veneer placement at another clinic. The doctor at the other clinic did not properly prepare the patient before placing the veneers, and made a mistake during placement.

    Unfortunately, this often happens due to the prosthodontist’s lack of knowledge in periodontics.

    The specialists at the clinic where she received her veneers could not help her. She was referred by recommendation to Dr. Tetri – a world-renowned board-certified periodontist.

    Dr. Tetri performed periodontal surgery. The results exceeded the patient’s expectations – she left with beautiful teeth, aesthetic gum margins, and healthy gums.
    the aesthetics of the crowns and bridges placed at another clinic

    This patient was dissatisfied with the aesthetics of the crowns and bridges placed at another clinic. She wanted a beautiful smile.

    Following the recommendation of acquaintances, she went to Dr. Tetri. He performed Digital Smile Design, the patient tried on her new smile, and then the treatment began. Ceramic crowns were placed (their shade was agreed upon by the patient), and the gums were lifted.

    gummy smile before and after foto
    This patient came to us complaining about a gummy smile that made her very uncomfortable.

    It took Dr. Tetri less than an hour to perform a gum lift and transform the patient’s smile. The surgery was painless, thanks to local anesthesia.

    The results exceeded the patient’s expectations. She was very happy!

    gummy smile before and after

    This patient was embarrassed to smile because it exposed her gum line (gummy smile). She also had bruxism that caused them to wear away.

    Dr. Tetri performed gum reconstruction, making the gum line aesthetic. Then he placed porcelain veneers.

    Now the patient loves to smile and makes others happy with her beautiful smile!

    Types of gum surgery

    Removal of overgrown, inflamed edges of gum tissue led to the formation of periodontal pockets. Aesthetic gingival contour was formed.

    Gingivectomy foto

    Gingival curettage involves the deep cleaning of periodontal pockets from subgingival tartar, pathogenic bacteria, and granulations. Non-surgical curettage is performed when the depth of the pocket is up to 4 mm, and open – when it is 5-6 mm.

    Gingival curettage foto

    In the case of gingival recession (attrition), soft tissue taken from the palate is transplanted.

    Soft tissue transplantation foto

    Surgical reshaping of the gum and bone tissue for the subsequent restoration of a severely damaged tooth with a crown.

    Restoration of the jawbone area damaged by periodontal disease. A block of living donor bone is implanted. 

    Bone grafting foto

    Frenulectomy involves surgery to correct abnormal attachment of the frenulum of the lips and tongue to the periodontium. This attachment leads to serious consequences: exposed tooth roots, the formation of gaps between the incisors, malocclusion, loosening, and premature loss of teeth.

    If the pocket depth is more than 6 mm, two vertical gingival incisions are made on both sides. The gingival flap is folded back to open access to clean the tooth roots of bacterial plaque, calculus, and granulations.

    Stages of gum surgery


    Dr. Tetri performs in-depth diagnostics based on GNM principles. The CT scan evaluates the depth/complexity of the pathological process and also identifies hidden problems. Then he scans movements of the mandible (K7 CMS), measures facial muscle activity (EMG), and examines the condition of the temporomandibular joint (ESG). Afterwards, he determines the cause of the problem.

    Treatment plan

    Everything is done at one clinic - no need to visit different clinics and see a myriad of doctors. Dr. Tetri himself is like a council of doctors. He has several specialties: board-certified periodontist, neuromuscular dentist, implantologist, prosthodontist.


    Before gum surgery, Dr. Tetri performs professional oral hygiene by removing plaque and calculus. Then, he performs surgery under local anesthesia or sedation.


    After surgery, the doctor gives recommendations for the rehabilitation period – the duration will depend on the extent/complexity of the surgery.

    Entrust gum cosmetic surgery to Dr. Tetri! We will help you with everything under the roof of our clinic – you won’t need to see multiple doctors!