Russian-Speaking Dentist in Miami

Most dental offices in Miami do not have Russian-speaking dentists. This creates several inconveniences for patients who only speak Russian. Tetri’s Smile dental boutique in Miami offers comfortable treatment not only to English-speaking patients.

Our Russian dentists include Dr. Tetri and Dr. Druz

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, CEO & Founder
dr Druz
Cosmetic Dentist
Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, CEO & Founder
dr Druz
Cosmetic Dentist

Convenience for Russian Speakers

Our Russian-speaking patients find the following factors a big plus of receiving treatment from a dentist who speaks their language:

Easy booking

You can schedule an appointment and receive a consultation from a Russian-speaking dentist.

Ask all your questions

Feel free to ask any pressing questions and receive comprehensive answers.

Point effect.

When receiving treatment from a Russian dentist, there is no fear of being misunderstood during the consultation or during the procedure.

You are fully understood

You feel more at ease conversing with a doctor that speaks your native language.

Additionally, our website gives you the option to view content in either English or Russian. You can explore our services and read our informational articles in the language you’re most comfortable with.

Russian-Speaking Dentist Near Me

Dr. Tetri

Thanks to my experience, I solve problems without the council of doctors. You don’t have to waste your time consulting with different specialists who don’t fully understand the subtle aspects of your particular case.

My experience: Periodontology (lecturer at the NSU Department of Periodontics), Implantology & Maxillofacial Surgery (with respective certificates), Gneuromuscular Dentistry (I graduated from Occlusion Connections, and I am one of the few in Florida who offer this service).

GNM allows me to find and correct bite related problems at the primal neuromuscular level.

Features of American Dentistry

The United States ranks among the top five countries in the world for the quality of dentistry. American dental offices with Russian dentists offer services that you won’t find on Russian dental websites. Read further to hear about these services in more detail.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

The procedure is aimed at restoring the flawless functionality and structure of teeth and the bite. It can even be beneficial in cases where the oral health condition seems hopeless. Full-mouth rehabilitation encompasses comprehensive treatment of both upper and lower teeth, periodontal tissues, and the temporomandibular joint. The list of procedures is determined individually by the doctor based on the clinical picture.

Full-mouth rehabilitation may include several or all of the following procedures:

Lengthening the crowns of teeth.
Restoration of the integrity of the dental arch with crowns or bridgework on implants or natural teeth.
Orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners (bite correction).
Extraction of teeth that cannot be saved.
Dental implantation for missing teeth.
Gingivoplasty or gum plastic surgery – a procedure to create an aesthetic gum contour.


Tetri’s Smile is one of the few dental offices in Florida that offers Neuromuscular Dentistry (GNM). This is one of the key stages of full mouth reconstruction at our dental boutique. With GNM, we treat the root cause of the problem at a deep neuromuscular level, rather than just addressing visible symptoms.

Smile Makeover

A Smile Makeover will restore your self-confidence, and you will find yourself smiling more than ever.

Our Smile Makeover is a comprehensive procedure aimed at restoring the aesthetics of your teeth. After treatment, the doctor provides a list of recommendations. By following them, you can prevent the development of oral health problems for years to come. This procedure is recommended when:

Based on a thorough diagnosis using state-of-the-art equipment, the treatment plan may include:
Installing veneers to address cosmetic defects
Teeth whitenin
Professional oral hygiene
Orthodontic treatment with aligners or braces
Placing crowns/bridgework
Dental implantation


We offer efficient and fast treatment with high-precision orthopedic technologies. Tetri’s Smile has its own dental laboratory where we manufacture crowns, dental bridges, and other restorations of any complexity using CAD/CAM technology. To achieve perfect treatment results, we involve patients directly in the process of creating dental prosthetics.

Our Philosophy

We create smiles that are perfect not only in the eyes of the doctors but also in the eyes of our patients. We guarantee treatment that provides long-lasting results, and we prioritize the quality of communication between the patient and doctor.
Tetri’s Smile™ Digital Smile Design

Tetri’s Smile™ Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a modern approach to dental aesthetics. The doctor conducts a thorough diagnosis of your dental-jaw system. Then, they create a digital 3D model of the perfect bite, taking into account the anatomical, functional, and aesthetic characteristics of your teeth. With DSD technology, you can “try on” your future teeth during the treatment planning stage.

Tetri’s Smile™ Digital Smile Design allows for clear communication between the doctor and the patient. This ensures absolute predictability of the result, in which you can be 100% confident in.

Digital Smile Design

Tetri's Smile Face Lift

Tetri’s Smile Face Lift is a service that will make your face appear 15 years younger. We offer facial rejuvenation by correcting your bite. It’s an effective solution against facial aging signs. We conduct comprehensive diagnostics, determining and restoring the correct jaw position and tooth height. As a result, the facial skin tightens and firms. Prominent nasolabial folds are smoothed, and the “sunken face” effect and sagging cheeks disappear.

Schedule an Appointment with a Russian-Speaking Dentist!

We encourage you to schedule an appointment at our dental boutique with our Russian-speaking dentist. During the consultation, you’ll receive a comprehensive explanation of your treatment plan in your native language. Your treatment plan at Tetris Smile will consist of high quality procedures with the use of modern technologies. We provide quality service that will exceed expectations – schedule an appointment now!