Digital Smile Design

See your future smile before treatment begins

“Try on” your new teeth

We guarantee results that will exceed your expectations

As part of full mouth reconstruction, we offer Tetri’s Smile™ Digital Smile Design (DSD) – a unique planning tool in aesthetic dentistry.

What is it?

Would you buy something expensive without testing it first? How would you know if your purchase meets all your expectations?

Tetri’s Smile™ Digital Smile Design – a unique service! It allows you to see and “try on” your new teeth before treatment even begins! DSD is mandatory before any long-term treatment such as full mouth reconstruction, smile makeover, porcelain veneers, or dental implants.

Unique innovative technology

Tetri’s Smile™ DSD allows you to look into the future and see the shape of your teeth, gums, lips, and face after bite correction in accordance to the principles of neuromuscular dentistry. The patient sees how the configuration of the face will change and signs of premature aging will disappear (deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, retraction of the lips).

DSD is used to create a mock-up of the future restoration, allowing you to “try on” your new teeth, see if they’re comfortable, evaluate the harmony of your new smile with the shape of your lips and facial features, and feel the changes in how your muscles work.   

Tetri's Smile DSD
Dr. Tetri

“Neither years of experience, unique technology nor the certificates or awards have any real value for a patient until he/she sees the results of their treatment. I understand this, which is why I allow my patients to see their new smile and even “try it on” before the start of treatment. After all, I want to create a smile that is perfect in their eyes, not just in mine as a doctor.” 

Dr. Baruch Tetri
Why is Digital Smile Design necessary?
Predictable results

Before their treatment, our patients are 100% sure that the result will meet their expectations, eliminating any risk of disappointment. Knowing what procedures will be performed, their order, and their purpose makes you confident and eliminates any uncertainties.

Patient involvement

The patient’s vision of the ideal smile may differ from the dentist’s. Digital Smile Design allows the doctor to interact with the patient while modeling the future smile and make adjustments if necessary.

Perfect aesthetics
When modeling a future smile in Exocad, the principles of the golden ratio are taken into account. The new smile will be in harmony with the shape of the lips, the type and height of the face, and the color of the skin.

Pricing for Tetri's Smile™ Digital Smile Design

Dental implant + ceramic crown
from $3.500
Porcelain Veneer
from $1.200

Steps of Digital Smile Design

From diagnosis to trying on your new Hollywood smile, it only takes two visits.

Visit #1: Diagnosis (up to 3 hours)

During your first visit, we perform a comprehensive checkup. We use a digital arch to record the movement of the upper and lower jaws, an intraoral scanner to digitize the dental arches, and an optical axiograph to record the trajectory of the habitual occlusion of the jaws, identify premature contacts, and evaluate the function of the temporomandibular joint. We compare the data obtained with the results of computerized tomography, taking into account the principles of gneuromuscular dentistry.

We then examine the condition of the facial muscles (myography, TENS) and perform an extended cephalometry to estimate the height of the bite and measure bone and soft tissue.

We upload all the data and calculations into Exocad and then begin to create a digital model of the perfect smile of your dreams. 


Visit #2: Fitting (up to 1 hour)

We print a digital model of the patient’s jaw on a 3D printer and create a silicone impression. We then pour a liquid, fast-setting polymer mass into the impression. After that, we ask the patient to squeeze the impression with their teeth and hold it for 1 or 2 minutes until the polymer hardens. 

We take an impression, leaving only a mock-up of the teeth. We ask the patient to evaluate their future teeth by touching and talking. If the patient is comfortable and everything is good, we start the treatment.

What does further treatment involve?

It all depends on the clinical picture. Tooth restoration is performed by placing veneers or crowns on implants. A gingivoplasty may be required beforehand. Everything is done under one roof in one visit. 

Veneers or crowns are milled by a robot to an accuracy of 5 microns using PIC technology, the only technology in the world that allows this level of precision in prosthodontics.

Smile Design at Tetri’s Smile is unique

Usually, smile design is shown on the screen. Our approach is for the patient to be able to try on the restorations, see how they look in the mirror, and touch their new teeth.

At Tetri’s Smile, we’ve taken our Digital Smile Design to the next level. It’s one thing to see a digital model of your future smile, but it’s quite another to try on your new teeth in person. 

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tetri and take the first step to a perfect smile!