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At Tetris Smile in Miami, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners is a quick solution to correcting bite problems for children and adults. Dr. Gary Beyer addresses the underlying causes of incorrect tooth alignment.

Invisalign - Overview

Invisalign aligners are an orthodontic solution for gradual teeth straightening and bite correction.

How does it work?

Invisalign is a set of clear removable aligners. The number of aligners is determined by the doctor, and each aligner in the set is numbered. The doctor will determine the sequencing for successful bite correction. The patient needs to wear a set of aligners for 1-2 weeks, and then replace it with the next one. During the process, slight discomfort from the pressure on your teeth is likely, since Invisalign gradually shifts the position of the tooth roots.

About Dr. Svitlana Koval

“When I correct a bite, I feel like a conductor. I always think about how the patient will feel 10-15 years after Invisalign. I have thoroughly studied these aligners for years, so I confidently take on the most difficult cases”.

“I believe Invisalign is the optimal solution for crooked teeth. Often, after orthodontic treatment, the patient is set for a full mouth reconstruction. Invisalign can accompany patients all around the world”.

Invisalign - Before and After

Patient 22

This patient came to us to achieve the perfect Hollywood smile.

Dr. Svitlana Koval began with bite correction with aligners. After 3-4 weeks, we began a course of piezosurgery to speed up the treatment period. The treatment took 7-8 months, followed by the placement of porcelain veneers.

Patient 23

This patient came to us with a serious issue.

The dental bite was severely disrupted and the jaws were not closing properly. The patient suffered from intense toothache and headaches.

Dr. Svitlana Koval developed a treatment plan using Invisalign aligners. The patient received a set of aligners for 12 months and underwent regular check-ups. At the end of the treatment, the jaws achieved the correct position, and the smile became beautiful. The woman is happy to be relieved from her constant pain. She is now a regular patient at Tetri’s Smile.

Advantages of Invisalign
Predictable outcome

We perform Itero - we take photos of the face and show the stages of bite correction. The patient understands how their smile and face will change. The entire procedure is planned out using a 3D scan.

Comfort of wear

Invisalign aligners are easy to remove and put on before eating or brushing teeth. This simplifies maintenance and reduces the risk of gum irritation.

Treatment effectiveness
Invisalign aligners address minor and complex dental issues. Their effectiveness in correcting bite anomalies has been proven time and time again.

Who is it suitable for?

If you have:

Improper tooth alignment (gaps, diastemas).

Minor or moderate crowding.

Malocclusion – crossbite or deep bite. Jaw doesn't close.

Crooked or protruding teeth.

Canines overlap the front teeth.

If you are unable to wear braces or require an inconspicuous design.

Stages of bone grafting at Tetri’s Smile


Bite diagnostics

To find the cause of improper alignment, we perform a CT scan. With it, we analyze the relationship between the jaws, the level of tooth root inclination, and assess facial proportions.

We conduct additional examinations such as:

  • T-scan – determines the occlusion balance for treatment planning. Identifies interdental contact, the force of load on the jaw, and on each segment.
  • Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) – analyzes the function of the temporomandibular joint. Identifies issues such as open bite, tooth crowding, difficulties in closing the mouth, or chewing.
  • EMG – assesses facial muscle activity during chewing and jaw position. We determine how changes in tooth alignment affect masticatory activity.

3D Scan

We create a virtual image of the mouth. In 1.5 minutes, we demonstrate how the dental arch looks before and how the correct bite will appear. We use the new version of Outcome Simulated Pro – the doctor takes a photo and determines how the face will change after treatment.


Oral cavity rehabilitation

We perform full oral hygiene, such as the removal of plaque and tartar. If necessary, we will treat caries, restore damaged teeth, and eliminate inflammation.


Aligner installation

Based on the 3D model of the jaw, we create a set of aligners (in cases with a serial number). We test the finished design on the teeth. The doctor will explain how to remove and put on the aligners, and rules for maintenance. We will schedule you for follow-up examinations.


Scheduled visit

Every 2-3 months, we see the patient in order to track the progress of tooth alignment. If the person has left the area – we conduct an online consultation. We can also send a set of aligners to any part of the world.


Consolidating the result

After the orthodontic treatment course, we consolidate the result. We install a retainer to prevent the teeth from returning to their incorrect positions.

Result guarantee

Dr. Tetri
A full mouth reconstruction specialist

“I have extensive clinical experience in correcting malocclusion. I guarantee we will achieve a proper bite with Invisalign aligners”

Dr. Baruch Tetri

Invisalign vs Braces Comparison

  • Aligners Invisalign
  • Braces
Aligners InvisalignBraces
Comfort and aestheticsComfortable to wear, inconspicuous in the mouth, do not affect speechMetal parts are highly noticeable. Can cause discomfort
CareEasy to remove before eating or oral cleaningRequire special cleaning and constant care (plaque may accumulate on enamel)
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How effective are Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign bite correction is very successful, even in complex cases. Effectiveness is guaranteed in 96% of cases.