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Tetri’s Smile Dental Boutique is a cosmetic dentistry clinic where true Hollywood smiles are born. We don’t just conceal dental imperfections; we restore the health of teeth, gums, TMJ, and craft the perfect celebrity-like smile.

We strive to offer top-tier dental care. Our clinic is a place for those who prioritize premium oral care. We employ cutting-edge therapeutic techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. We even have our own dental laboratory where we create crowns, bridge prosthetics, inlays, frameworks for various clinical scenarios. Prosthetic procedures are carried out in collaboration with the patient, the dentist, and our technicians.

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Dr. Tetri

We believe that there are no universal solutions. That’s why we strive to understand the needs and goals of each patient. This not only allows us to treat dental conditions but also to restore the quality of your life.

We take pride in using our unique approach to create the perfect smile:

  • We plan out your future smile using Tetri’s Smile™ Digital Smile Design.
  • We analyze how the new jaw position affects the face with Tetri’s Smile Face Lift.

Our philosophy includes providing comfortable treatment, a personalized approach, and modern solutions to dental issues. We only offer high-quality, effective treatment

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When it comes to creating a dazzling Hollywood smile, many celebrities turn to Dr. Tetri – a celebrity dentist in Miami, Florida. We understand that every smile is as unique as our clients’ desires. If you also value VIP service and top-notch oral care, join the celebrities who trust our expertise!

To create a Hollywood smile, we utilize unique methods and tools, including:

Tetri’s Smile™ Digital Smile Design

Dr. Tetri’s Signature Technology enables you to not only see your future smile but also try it on during the planning stage. We take into account all the patient’s preferences right from the planning phase. Smile Design guarantees a predictable outcome that matches your expectations 100%.

Tetri’s Smile™ Digital Smile Design involves just two sessions:

Comprehensive diagnostics (digital scanning, axiography, 3D cephalometry).
Trying on new teeth (3D printing of the jaw, taking silicone impressions, creating a mock-up).

Tetri's Smile Face Lift

Premium non-surgical anti-aging dentistry technology. No injections, braces, or tooth reshaping. We restore the natural appearance and facial proportions through non-invasive bite reconstruction. We correct the position of the lower jaw and neuromuscular bite, and painlessly eliminate signs of aging and a weak facial profile (nasolabial folds, sunken, and thin lips).

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Dj Khaled
Fat Joe
Julius Solomonovich Gusman
Andrew Napolitano
Boris Klyuev
Vitaly Zdorovetskiy