All-on-6 Dental implants Miami

Replace all your teeth on one jaw in 10-12 hours

VIP dental treatment

Perfect teeth, as seen in the photo on the right (our own)

At Tetri’s Smile, we treat patients who are missing most or all of their teeth on the lower/upper jaw using the advanced All-on-six / All-on-X protocols.

Become one of our happy clients! The quality of your treatment will exceed all your expectations!

What is All-on-6

All-on-6 is a solution for rehabilitation of patients with edentulous jaws. The protocol involves placing 6 or more implants and a dental bridge to house 14 crowns. 

The new teeth feel and function naturally – and look even better! The doctor decides how many implants are needed for each client individually.

This video shows the results of a recent patient.


*It is possible to apply for a loan for implant treatment through Finance Proceed or CareCredit. You can check the terms and conditions with our customer service coordinator.

starting at $30.000

All-on-6 mplantation with Dr. Tetri

New teeth in 1 day – some would say it sounds like a miracle! For me, it’s a daily part of my job, something I love doing.

I am responsible for the result, and will conduct a deep diagnosis, study the clinical case in detail, install implants, correct the bite, and create a perfect smile – All in just 1 day!

I have a 5-year warranty on implants, dentures, and work performed (if the patient undergoes professional hygiene at my clinic three times a year)!


A story from a patient

I knew that I’m in the right hands. He explained what was necessary to do. Not only the implants, all the work that was necessary to do… So far, I’m so happy, I’m so thankful. And I see the opportunity to be happy again. And to have the confidence that I like to have.

Gorgi Gor
Gorgi Gor 2021, Google

I was born in 1947 and since then I’ve seen many dentists in my life. But I’ve never seen a dentist like Dr. Tetri, and I’ve never seen an office like this. I’ve spent a lot of money on my treatments, but I could never get the results I have now here at Tetri’s Smile…

Ty McElveen November 2022, Google

Dr. Tetri and his staff are the best!! Excellent service and painless process, Dr. Tetri doesn’t just care about your teeth, he cares about your whole body, and how it’s affecting you and knows how to fix it…

    All-on-6 Before & After

    All-on-X before & after

    Patient 14

    This patient heard about Dr. Tetri from his general dentist. He advised him to have his teeth treated in Miami. Dr. Tetri performed a complete reconstruction of the mouth on the upper and lower jaw. After the bone graft, multiple dental implants were placed. A fully fixed denture was placed the day after implantation. The smile became wider and more beautiful, facial wrinkles were smoothed out, and symmetry was restored.

    Patient 15

    Patient 15

    This patient came to Dr. Tetri with multiple cavities that could not be treated, and several dental implants. Progressive periodontal disease was detected. The prescribed treatment was a complete replacement of all teeth. The patient flew to Miami from another state for one day, just for Dr. Tetri. All the teeth were extracted, and implants were placed. That same day, the patient left the clinic with new teeth – All-on-X on the upper and lower jaw.

    The latest All-on-six approach, and what results you can expect

    Tetri’s Smile provides premium implant treatment. We practice a special philosophy when it comes to rehabilitation of edentulous patients using All-on-X.

    Gneuromuscular Dentistry

    Dr. Tetri restores teeth using All-on-X, taking into account the principles of gneuromuscular dentistry. First, he deeply examines the condition of the masticatory apparatus (TENS, EMG, ESG, CMS), finds the root cause of dental problems, and treats the identified pathologies. Only then, he performs total jaw prosthetics on dental implants.

    I am one of several implantologists in Florida practicing GNM (Gneuromuscular Dentistry). 

    Correct occlusion is the harmonious work of several elements: dentition, masticatory muscles, temporomandibular joint, and CNS. When even one element is malfunctioning, severe problems like frequent headaches, osteochondrosis, TMJ dysfunction, and abnormal tooth wear occur. 

    The result of the treatment will not just be new teeth and a beautiful smile, but physiologically correct function of the jaw!

    Gneuromuscular Dentistry

    Digital Smile Design

    Dr. Tetri uses Digital Smile Design. Before treatment, he suggests that the patient “try on” the new teeth and see what the new smile will look like. The patient makes an informed decision with a clear idea of the result after treatment.

    Each patient is unique, so I am strongly against template solutions. 

    With Digital Smile Design, I explore the relationship of new teeth to the shape of the patient’s lips and smile line, as well as facial features/proportions and facial expressions. I communicate with the patient, think about their wishes, and make adjustments during digital modeling. 

    As a result, I create a perfect smile for the client.

    Dr Tetri

    PIC technology

    Dr. Tetri guarantees a predictable result using the clinical advantages of the PIC system – the most accurate oral scanner in the world. The patient can be 100% sure that the result will meet all their expectations. Only 3 clinics in Florida use PIC technology, and we are among them.

    PIC technology allows me to give patients their teeth back in just one visit to the clinic. This is real. 


    While the patient is resting in the chair, I scan the position of the dental implants with 99.9% accuracy and create a digital model after placing the desired number. The robot will cut out a temporary denture within a few hours with an accuracy of 7 microns in the clinics’ dental laboratory.

    The permanent denture is fixed after 4 days – that’s how long it takes to make them. Patients can come from other countries for 5 days, and leave with a perfect new set of teeth!

    Who is suitable for a full dental restoration?

    All-on-6 is recommended for patients with:

    Powerful, well-developed masticatory muscles


    Too porous of a bone of the upper jaw

    Bone volume in the lateral sections, allowing implants up to 13 mm.

    Advantages of All-on-6

    Four implants, as in All-on-4, are objectively insufficient to reliably support a dental bridge for the entire jaw. 

    Six is the optimal minimum. In some cases, 7 to 12 implants are required.

    With All-on-4, only the frontal teeth can be restored (the denture is 10 or 12 crowns long), and the lateral 6th and 7th will be missing. 

    With six implants, you can put a dental bridge with 14 crowns, which means you can rebuild a full dentition. The jaw will close properly, including normal contact in the chewing area.

    It is not recommended to chew hard foods with fixed teeth on four implants, as there is a high risk of overloading and rejection of the lateral implants. 

    You don’t have to limit your diet with the new teeth consisting of 6-8 implants. The more support, the more durable the entire structure is.

    All-on-6 at Tetri’s Smile


    The doctor takes an in-depth look at the clinical picture, examining it according to GNM principles.

    Digital Smile Design

    Conducts computer modeling of the future smile. Coordinates the final result with the client.

    Oral cavity preparation

    Excludes infection/inflammation in the oral cavity. If one dental row (upper or lower) is to be restored, all diseased units are to be treated on the opposite one (e.g., with decay).


    Treats abnormalities in the function of the masticatory muscles or the temporomandibular joint identified during diagnosis.

    Placement of implants

    Screws implants into the jawbone. Fixes the position of each implant, including the tilt angle, using PIC technology. Transfers the digital model to the dental laboratory for fabrication of new teeth.

    Denture fixation

    Dr. Tetri places the prosthetic structure on the implants by screwing it onto them.

    Is it possible to receive treatment while sleeping?

    Yes, at Tetri’s Smile, All-on-6 implantation can be performed in medically assisted sleep if the patient wishes. We use gasses (xenon or nitrogen) and oral sedation in combination.

    What dental implants are used at our clinic for All-on-X?

    We use only premium implants: Paltop (Dr. Tetri was involved in their development), Straumann, Zimmer, Nobel. The choice depends on the clinical picture.