Teeth Whitening

At Tetri’s Smile, we offer next level professional teeth whitening services. We’ll make your enamel lighter and create a beautiful smile in just one visit!

What is professional teeth whitening?

Contrary to home whitening kits, a professional teeth whitening procedure takes place at a medical facility and involves the supervision of a doctor. It improves the appearance of naturally yellow teeth, and brings the shine back to your smile, making it even more radiant.

We always do a comprehensive hygiene treatment for any plaque buildup before every procedure at Tetri’s Smile. This allows the teeth whitening agent to penetrate deeper and remove dirt or stubborn stains, achieving beautiful results.

Dr. Tetri
How is the right teeth whitening technique chosen?

We offer the best teeth whitening techniques out there: Zoom4 and KöR.

Zoom4 is the easiest way to get a snow-white smile (provided you’ve got no contraindications). KöR may take longer, but works well in even the most complex cases.

Entrust your smile to Dr. Baruch Tetri, a professional dentist who will choose the right teeth whitening technique for each patient.

Dr. Baruch Tetri


Zoom 4
starting $650 to $1200

Are you an eligible candidate for teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is for you if you’ve got:

Yellow or brown spots

Blackened enamel

Tetracycline stains or fluorosis

Light spots after wearing braces

Examples of teeth whitening at Tetri’s Smile

One of our patients had yellowed enamel. We did both an ultrasound cleaning, and a Zoom4 procedure. This resulted in whiter, brighter teeth.

Here is another example of the whitening procedure used at Tetris Smile, with the help of Zoom4. This patient went home with a radiant, snow-white smile.

Teeth whitening techniques at Tetri’s Smile

Zoom 4

Involves a special gel + LED lamp.


Involves KöR-Seal mouthguards + special gel.

Stages of our teeth whitening procedure

Consultation and check-up

The dentist assesses the condition of the patient’s oral cavity, communicates the desired result, and prescribes treatment for the patient if necessary.

Comprehensive oral hygiene

The hygienist removes plaque and tartar from the patient’s teeth in the course of an ultrasound cleaning procedure (or AIRFLOW®).

Teeth whitening procedure

This is the stage when the teeth whitening itself takes place. Its duration depends on the technique used. (Zoom4 takes 45 minutes; KöR MAX takes 14 days.)

Follow-up examination

After some time passes from the teeth whitening itself, the dentist checks the result and performs additional procedures (e.g., fluoridation or remineralization).

Teeth whitening at home vs. professional teeth whitening: which one is better for me?

Whitening your teeth at home is an experiment that may not meet all your expectations. You may end up with a shade of teeth you never wanted, or increased teeth sensitivity.

Is professional whitening bad for my teeth?

No, it is not. Clinical studies prove the safety of both Zoom4 and KöR whitening procedures. These techniques don’t damage the enamel and are completely safe for your teeth.

What if the sensitivity of my teeth increases after the whitening?

For patients that have sensitive teeth, we recommend remineralization therapy (which is taken after the teeth whitening procedure).

Can I eat foods or drinks with food coloring after the teeth whitening?

We recommend avoiding coffee, tea, and other foods or drinks that have any coloring agents – for at least two weeks after the teeth whitening procedure.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?

The effect of teeth whitening depends on the technique used. The result may last up to three years (if you follow the recommendations and don’t skip out on oral hygiene).

Why are my teeth so yellow?

Teeth can be yellow by nature. They may also turn yellow from smoking, illness, plaque, or the coloring agents in food.

Is it really possible to whiten the yellow enamel?

Yes, it is. The yellow pigment is easily removed with Zoom4 or other teeth whitening techniques.

When should I avoid teeth whitening?

The teeth whitening procedure is contraindicated to pregnant or breastfeeding women and patients under 18.