Teeth in a Day

Enjoy VIP treatment

Look and feel younger

Forget about overdenture

At Tetri’s Smile, you can walk out with a new smile in just one day! You heard it right, your dream can become a reality. Entrust in Dr. Tetri, who lives doing his favorite job. 

You won’t need to spend an excessive amount of time and effort on rehabilitating an edentulous jaw, consulting with doctors in different places, and waiting for weeks for your concerns to be addressed.

Tetri’s Smile makes any inconvenience a thing of the past. You’ll have a new set of teeth in just one day! This opens up many opportunities for you – being able to spend your time how you truly want to, like being around your loved ones.

Teeth in a day: How?

Teeth in a day – a comprehensive solution to restore any number of teeth in one sitting. Complications like periodontitis won’t change the timing nor the result of your procedure: the entire treatment will only take one day, leaving you – the patient – with a beautiful, healthy smile!

At Tetri’s Smile, we use All-on-X when all teeth are missing. This implies a fixed denture with 14 crowns on dental implants. (The number of implants depends on the clinical picture, but the minimum number is six.)

Teeth in a day: The benefits

Face transformation

Smile confidently, forget about wrinkles, and look younger.

No more discomfort

Eat without pain; forget about rubbing your gums and worrying about the denture falling out.

Save time

Get brand-new teeth in just one sitting. You’ll go home sound and happy.


*It is possible to apply for a loan for implant treatment through Finance Proceed or CareCredit. You can check the terms and conditions with our customer service coordinator.

starting at $30.000
Dental implant + ceramic crown
from $4.800

Same day dental implants at Tetri’s Smile

Dr. Tetri
Thanks to my experience, I am able to perform comprehensive treatment in a single day.

A council of doctors in one place

I’m a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), a Board-certified Periodontist, a Specialist in Gneuromuscular Dentistry, and an Implantologist, which allows me to cover all the areas of professional expertise for full mouth reconstruction

I do most of the work in one sitting. 

I work 12-13 hours a day so that my patients can go home with brand-new teeth on the same day.

Dr. Baruch Tetri


“I wake up in the morning and I smile - I am happy, I am confident, my career is thriving. And I have only Dr. Tetri to thank for that!”

Laura Uretsky
Laura Uretsky 2022, Google

I’ve been his patient. I went through the full reconstruction of my jaws and teeth in one day! Wow! 8+ hours! And it was the beginning of a long way to achieve the obvious – My Smile.

Lina S
Lina S 2022, Google

I’m lucky that I met Dr. Tetri back in 2016, I arrived at my first appointment with significant repair needed (gum treatment, implant installation, and 3 wisdom teeth has been extracted on the same day) He made my first visit smooth and painless ...

    Before and after

    The results of Dr. Tetri’s work are amazing! He is taking periodontal dentistry, implantation, and microsurgery to the next level.

    Patien 17

    Patient 17

    This patient came to us with a serious problem.

    The upper teeth were lost and the lower teeth were in bad condition and couldn’t be saved.

    Dr. Tetri placed 16 implants on both jaws for fixed ceramic dentures in one day. The result was a natural smile, a rejuvenated face, and no dental problems (as confirmed by the patient when she came for a follow-up appointment four years later).

    Patien 15

    Patient 15

    Before treatment: partial adentia, deep dental caries, implant rejection, and progressive periodontal disease.

    The treatment plan included a 1-day flight from New York to Miami for dental restoration.

    What was done: replacement of all teeth, placement of multiple dental implants and fixed dentures. The patient left the same day with new teeth on the upper and lower jaws.

    Dental implants at Tetri’s Smile

    Dr. Tetri has 20+ years of continuous education and practical experience, which he translates into impressive results when treating his patients. He continues to implement high standards and advanced technology to reduce treatment time to a minimum without compromising quality.

    What are we doing to achieve this?

    We have the best equipment, including rare equipment other clinics don’t have.

    We have an in-house lab, and we work hard to make it the best lab in the United States, and in the world.

    We have a team of top-tier professionals who will resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.

    Learn more about our methods that speed up treatment:

    Is this right for me?

    You are a candidate for a new smile in just one day, if:

    Your teeth are severely damaged, cannot be treated, and due for extraction

    You have one or more missing teeth in a row

    You are missing most or all of the teeth on your lower/upper jaw.

    Teeth in a day procedure


    The doctor performs comprehensive diagnostics with accordance to the GNM standards, examining not only your symptoms or visible problems, but finding the underlying cause of these problems.

    Digital Smile Design
    The doctor creates a 3D model of the patient’s future dentition. Before treatment, the patient is informed of the problems diagnosed, and the simulated final result of the treatment is shown.
    Oral cavity preparation
    The doctor prepares the oral cavity for dental implants by cleaning teeth of plaque or calculus, treating diseased teeth, and removing teeth that can’t be treated.
    Placement of implants
    The doctor screws the implants into the jawbone. The number of implants depends on the clinical picture.
    Placement of dentures
    Three hours after the implants are placed, the doctor fixes the denture. The patient goes home with a beautiful, brand-new smile.
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