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Full-mouth dental implants at Tetri’s Smile is a reliable service to comprehensive tooth restoration, giving you a perfect smile in just one day. Results are guaranteed.

We offer a personalized approach, cutting-edge technology, and the expertise of one of the best implant surgeons out there – a specialist in Gneuromuscular Dentistry and a Board-Certified Periodontist.

What are full-mouth dental implants?

Full-mouth dental implants are the best solution for clinical cases where a patient is missing all or most of their teeth, on one or both jaws. 

Six or more implants are placed into the bone at a certain angle (if needed), supporting a fixed denture. This treatment is considered the gold standard for dental restoration but requires a highly skilled implant surgeon.

Dr. Tetri

Board certified periodontist – Miami

  • Dental technician, periodontist, and implant surgeon 
  • Trained in Israel, United States, and Russia
  • One of the few who uses gneuromuscular dentistry
  • Contributed to the development of Paltop Implants
  • Faculty member at Nova Southeastern University

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Full-Mouth Dental Implants - Pricing

*It is possible to apply for a loan for implant treatment through Finance Proceed or CareCredit. You can check the terms and conditions with our customer service coordinator.

starting at $30.000


”I'm so happy & thankful”

“I see the opportunity to be happy again, and to have confidence; to smile and feel good.”

Lina S
Lina S. September 2022, Google

“My husband needed extensive treatment as a result of an inexperienced dentist. Dr Tetri totally reconstructed all his teeth. DOCTOR TETRI removed all his root canals, and old implants. He then installed 17 implants and bone grafts in one day. He did this procedure with minimum pain and swelling. My husband was able to eat regular food within 2 days. We couldn’t be happier. There are very few dentists in the world that can do this type of procedure. We are so blessed that we met Doctor Tetri Baruch and his wonderful Team 💚.

L’atelier du Sourcil review
L’atelier du Sourcil August 2022, Google

“Dr Tetri is the best of the best!!! I went to some different “experts” in LA & Miami and needed to fix all the dental work they have done this been a nightmare you must research carefully when it’s come to implants and I say that out of very bad previous experience !!! Dr Tetri recognise the issue right away and had all the matching parts he works with the best implants labs in the world”.

    Before & After

    Case 19

    This patient was missing all of their upper teeth, and was tired of wearing removable dentures. 

    Removable dentures were irritating her gums and worsening the aesthetic of her face. When this patient found out that Dr. Tetri does full mouth reconstruction in one day, she immediately decided to schedule an appointment. 

    At the consultation, Dr. Tetri showed her what the new smile would look like. Digital Smile Design was ready the day before she visited Dr.Tetri. The patient was thrilled, she couldn’t wait to see her new teeth!

    Dr. Tetri placed six implants in 1.5 hours on the day of surgery. While the patient was resting, new teeth were constructed in the dental laboratory. That same day, the patient went home with a brand new beautiful smile – a dream come true!

    Patien 17

    Case 17

    This patient came in with a completely edentulous (toothless) upper jaw and aching pain on the lower teeth. She was tired of wearing uncomfortable removable dentures, and having to undergo constant root canal treatments.

    Due to the severity of her problems, it was impossible to save the remaining teeth. Dr.Tetri suggested extracting her teeth, and placing in new implants.

    Within one day, nine implants were placed on the upper jaw, seven on the lower jaw and durable ceramic crowns were made to complement the patients’ natural aesthetic. Four years later, the patient visited for a check up. The implants and crowns hold remarkably well, a long time post-procedure. The patient expresses her happiness and the fulfillment the new smile has brought to her. She looks and feels  younger; able to live a more comfortable life.

    Benefits of Full-Arch Restoration

    A perfect smile and a face that looks 15 years younger

    Improved self-confidence (especially if you haven’t had teeth for many years).

    A complete restoration of all dental functions

    In contrast to removable dentures, full-arch restoration guarantees good chewing function, not to mention comfort due to secure fixation and no further need for special care.

    Eliminates gingival recession

    Implants stop the atrophy of the alveolar ridge, since the bone undergoes pressure with constant chewing. As of today, this is the best dental option for gingival recession.

    Is Full-arch Dental Restoration Right For Me?

    Almost all the teeth on your jaw are worn out due to bruxism


    You have partial or complete adentia


    You’ve got serious TMJ disorders


    You have pronounced teeth crowding


    You’d like to give up removable dentures

    Features of Full-Mouth Dental Implants at Tetri’s Smile

    Effective anesthesia
    We use state-of-the-art anesthetics and have the option for surgery under sedation. This promises maximum comfort and no stress.
    Reliable gneuromuscular treatment
    Dr. Tetri is a graduate of Occlusion Connections (OC) and offers patients cutting-edge methods to detect malocclusion and TMJ dysfunction, solving underlying problems that significantly affect your quality of life.
    Competent treatment of the gingiva
    Dr. Tetri performs periodontal surgery of any complexity, using the latest developments that help to perform bone grafting and treat various mucosal diseases in a minimally invasive way with shorter recovery time (e.g., using stem cells and platelet-enriched plasma).

    Full-Arch Replacement Procedure: Step-by-Step

    Consultation and diagnostics

    The doctor comprehensively checks the condition of the oral cavity both by eye and using CT scans, 3D scanners, and GNM methods; for this purpose, we use K7 digital occlusal analysis.

    Digital Smile Design

    Dr. Tetri’s patients have the option to see a new smile in detail before treatment begins. Hence, our patients are able to make an informed decision.

    Oral cavity preparation and GNM

    We remove infections and inflammations that could interfere with the implants and correct the bite in case of occlusal abnormalities.

    Implants and temporary dentures

    The implants are screwed into the bone. Next, a digital model of the temporary denture is prepared using the high-precision PIC system. The denture is milled on a CAD/CAM machine under the control of exocad, with an accuracy of 5-7 microns. The final structure is placed on the day of implantation.

    Permanent full-arch teeth replacement

    Performed after complete osseointegration, this procedure is carried out with precise accordance with the anatomical features of the jaw and the patient’s wishes.

    Tired of wearing removable dentures and dreaming of the smile of your dreams?

    At Tetri’s Smile, you can expect full dental implants in one just one day, with predictable results and absolutely no pain. Schedule an appointment to learn more about Dr. Tetri’s innovative approach. 

    We create a smile for life in just one day!