Metal braces

Express care (3-4 months)

VIP treatment

Detailed checkup

Tetri’s Smile is a cutting-edge dental clinic, offering orthodontic treatment with metal braces for kids and adults. We use only the best products out there, such as Pitts 21™ or 3M™ Victory Series™.

Alongside top-rated Miami orthodontist Dr. Svitlana Koval, we won’t just straighten your teeth. We will treat TMJ dysfunction and correct muscle/airway anomalies.

What are metal braces?
Metal braces are a fixed orthodontic structure used to correct bite issues or straighten individual teeth. It consists of three parts:

  • Plates: They are made of medical-grade steel and are bonded to the outer surface of each tooth.
  • Arch: A curved wire made of biocompatible alloy, it passes through all the plates and uses tension to move the teeth to the desired position.
  • Fasteners: Ligatures or micro-locks are used to attach the arch to the braces.
Fixed orthodontic structure


from $6.000
Piezocision procedure
individual price

Indications for metal braces

Irregular position of individual teeth

Interdental gaps (tremas, diastems)

Teeth crowding

Disproportionate jaw development

Why Tetri’s Smile?

We have the leading specialists in Miami

Dr. Baruch Tetri is a top-rated professional for premium full-mouth reconstruction in Florida.

Dr. Svitlana Koval is a leading orthodontist in Florida, a published scientist, and an opinion leader for Tekscan Inc.

We take on the most complex cases
  • We treat patients whom other clinics cannot help.
  • We practice the most advanced approach.
  • We ensure predictable and 100% proven results.
We refer patients to the best doctors
  • We have an extensive network around the globe.
  • If you move somewhere else, you can still receive high quality treatment with our partners.
Dr. Baruch Tetri

A detailed checkup

We do a full scan of the teeth, TMJ, chewing/neck muscles, and airways. By doing so, we “teach” your muscles how to work properly, eliminate TMJ disorders, cure respiratory anomalies, and help you to get rid of persistent headaches.

Dr. Baruch Tetri
Dr. Svitlana Koval

4 months faster than conventional care

At Tetri’s Smile, we use the piezocision approach to surgery. It allows us to have your teeth straightened in just 3-4 months instead of 18 months like at other clinics.

Metal vs ceramic?


Metal braces are stronger and less likely to break. Ceramic braces are more fragile and have a little more thickness compared to metal braces.


Metal braces are visible, which may cause discomfort when you smile or talk. Ceramic braces are (almost) invisible and match the natural color of your teeth.


Ceramic braces  cannot be stained with food dyes and do not require dietary restrictions during the treatment period. Metal braces do not stain at all, although both may accumulate dietary dyes within the ties.


Metal braces are tiny and take up little space; you can get used to them quickly. Ceramic braces are slightly larger.

Metal braces or aligners?


Metal braces are visible to others. Aligners are transparent; people around you won’t even know that you are getting orthodontic treatment.


Metal braces cause discomfort and distort speech during the first 1-2 weeks. Aligners are more comfortable, and you get used to them in just 2-3 days. Invisalign cause less emergency visits.

Teeth care

With braces, it is more difficult to keep your teeth clean. Aligners are easy to remove before brushing your teeth (and easy to put on).


When you wear metal braces, you should avoid certain foods. Aligners (on the contrary) are always removed before eating, so you don’t have to follow any dietary restrictions.


There are cases when metal braces work better than aligners; there are cases when aligners are the way to go. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Svitlana Koval now, and she will find the best solution for you!