Tooth Extraction

No complications

Strong anesthetics

Finished teeth in one visit

At Tetri’s Smile, we guarantee the safe extraction of a tooth and follow-up checkups, always providing the best dental restoration options.

Dr. Tetri
I am a Board-certified periodontist, implant surgeon and a specialist in gneuromuscular dentistry.

I use short-acting anesthetics to ensure maximum comfort for my patients and perform surgeries under sedation (if necessary)

Dr. Baruch Tetri

Price of tooth extraction in Miami

Extraction of one tooth
from $650
Extraction of a wisdom tooth
from $650
Extraction of all teeth in one visit
individual price


Eka B 2021, Google

Besides the many titles Dr. Tetri holds, he is also a super talented, highly educated, and constantly advancing, going hand in hand with the most modern technologies. Dr. T. Cem Sayin, who works with Dr. Tetri: Another very talented and highly educated doctor! He was able to save a lot of the deteriorating tissues, which saved my teeth from removal. Thanks to the SuperHeroes – Dr. Tetri & Dr. Sayin

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Paul B February 2022, Google

Extraction, implant placement, temporary crown made in the lab on premises – all done within one visit that took a little over an hour. Couldn’t be happier with overall experience and the work done. Highly recommend Dr. Tetri to anyone who is looking for a dental work done right the first time.

    Tooth extraction at Tetri’s Smile

    Dr. Tetri
    Dr. Tetri
    Teeth extraction and implantation in one day

    I use an advanced ultrasound scalpel (PIEZOTOME®), which helps to extract teeth gently and ensures minimum pain, with an option to place in implants right after. 

    Every month, we deal with cases where a complete replacement of all teeth in a short time is required.

    Reasons for tooth extraction

    Indications for needed extraction of a tooth:


    Orthodontic treatment: Crowded teeth or malocclusion.


    Wisdom tooth issues: Mucosal trauma, malocclusion, or barely noticeable cavities.


    The tooth can’t be saved: Pathological mobility, deep vertical cracks, or repeatedly re-treated root canals.


    All teeth need to be replaced: The remaining teeth can’t be treated or used as a support for an orthopedic structure.

    Diagnostics before removal of a tooth

    We’ll conduct a thorough diagnostics for each case. The results will be evaluated by Dr. Tetri himself. The decision to extract the tooth will be made after a detailed analysis and only if the doctor confirms the root canal treatment won’t help.

    Placing implants after tooth extraction

    The longer you procrastinate, the more your jaw changes. This may even lead to dentition displacement or gum sagging, while making the bone tissue more fragile. 

    Implantation after tooth extraction:


    Requires minimum effort and time (the implant is placed immediately after extraction)


    Stops the alveolar ridge atrophy and restores metabolic processes of bone tissues


    Maintains the aesthetics at the highest level, especially in the smile zone


    Saves time and money (gum treatment or bone grafting may be required in cases where a tooth is missing for a longer time).


    The patient had comprehensive treatment on both jaws in one day. All the remaining teeth were extracted from the upper jaw; seven titanium rods were implanted and covered with temporary crowns. One dead tooth and several other teeth were removed from the smile zone. Two implants were placed on the distal ends.

    After a thorough diagnostics, we decided to remove all teeth from both maxilla and mandible. Then, seven implants were placed on each jaw in the places with the largest amount of bone tissue. Temporary dentures were placed a few hours after the pin implantation.

    Stages of tooth extraction

    If a patient has periodontal or gum disease, we treat it using the most advanced technology: e.g., a high-precision microscope for accurate suturing or platelet-enriched plasma to speed up the tissue healing.

    Looking for a place where you can have a tooth removed without stress, pain, or unpleasant experiences? Schedule an appointment at Tetri’s Smile. We guarantee safety and comfort even in the most complex cases!