Full Mouth Reconstruction Miami

Entrust a full mouth reconstruction to the team of professionals at Tetri’s Smile.
  • At Tetri’s Smile, we use a unique diagnostic method called gneuro-muscular dentistry (or GNM).
  • We will show you your future smile before treatment even starts (thanks to Digital Smile Design).
  • We will make you feel young again — we will restore the aesthetic and functionality of your teeth to its full potential.
Dr. Tetri
I am the owner of Tetri's Smile Dental Boutique, and I am inviting you for a premium full mouth reconstruction.

Thanks to my experience, I solve problems without the council of doctors. You don’t have to waste your time consulting with different specialists who don’t fully understand the subtle aspects of your particular case.

My experience: Periodontology (lecturer at the NSU Department of Periodontics), Implantology & Maxillofacial Surgery (with respective certificates), Gneuromuscular Dentistry (I graduated from Occlusion Connections, and I am one of the few in Florida who offer this service).

GNM allows me to find and correct bite related problems at the primal neuromuscular level.

Schedule a consultation now; full mouth reconstruction will greatly improve the quality of your life!

Dr. Tetri

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full-mouth reconstruction, Full-mouth rehabilitation, and Full-mouth restoration is a solution for aesthetic, functional, and neuromuscular problems simultaneously on the upper, lower, or both jaws. At Tetri’s Smile, we perform a range of procedures:
  • X-rays, 3D imaging, and diagnosis using gneuromuscular dentistry (the most important step in the planning stage)
  • AirFlow Teeth Cleaning
  • Aesthetic crown lengthening or gum contouring to create balance and harmony in the smile
  • Tooth grinding and endodontics for crowns or bridges
  • Braces and aligners for bite correction and further prosthetics
  • Permanent restorations made of metal-ceramics, ceramics, or zirconia (crowns or bridges on natural teeth/implants)
  • Removal of teeth that cannot be restored
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery — soft tissue grafting before implants or other restorations
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth.
The list of procedures for full mouth reconstruction is selected individually, depending on the state of health of the gums and teeth.
Gneuromuscular dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstruction – Price

Bridge of 3 crowns supported by 2 implants

*individually discussed

from $7.200*
from $1.200
Dental implant + ceramic crown
from $4.800
Porcelain Veneer
from $1.200
from $5.000

*It is possible to apply for a loan for implant treatment through Finance Proceed or CareCredit. You can check the terms and conditions with our customer service coordinator.

starting at $30.000

When do you need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you have:

  • Severely worn-out teeth due to bruxism
  • Loss of incisors, premolars, or molars due to trauma
  • Constant complaining of jaw and muscle pain, along with headaches due to abnormal bite patterns
  • Deep dental decay of the teeth due to poor oral hygiene
  • Dental fillings and bridges that have fallen into disrepair (require replacement due to breakage or end of life)
  • Poor quality orthodontic, endodontic, orthopedic, or surgical treatment performed at another clinic
  • A partially or completely edentulous jaw.
photo of the patient's smile

Let us show you your future smile: Digital Smile Design

Our patients see how their smile/face will be transformed after full mouth reconstruction before treatment begins, and can discuss any questions they may have about their procedure. This is possible thanks to Digital Smile Design.

  • We take a free panoramic picture (digital).
  • We upload it into a computer program.
  • We demonstrate to the patient where and with what materials/structures the treatment will be performed, as well as the result of the treatment.
  • We coordinate each step.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction: Before & After

Before After

A patient came in after an upper jaw treatment at another clinic, during which her bite and excessive tooth wear had not been resolved.

Dr. Tetri performed a GNM diagnostic, finding the resting point of the mandibular joint muscles. Both jaws were restored with implants and zirconia crowns.

Neuromuscular Dentistry and Full Mouth Reconstruction

Tetri’s Smile is one of the few places in Florida that uses advanced neuromuscular dentistry. The GNM diagnostic is performed by Dr. Tetri. He was personally trained by the creator of this technology – Dr. Clayton A. Chan. His knowledge and experience help him find and correct the underlying neuromuscular problem.

GNM diagnostics

“I find a resting point for the entire dental and jaw system and synchronize its work with the central nervous system. I relieve patients from problems with their bite and TMJ, premature signs of aging on the face, headaches, and pain in the cervical spine. I Improve their quality of life for years to come!”

Full Mouth Reconstruction Techniques

The method of treatment is selected after a careful diagnostic, performed on advanced equipment.

I save patients’ time. After agreeing on a smile design, I do 90% of the work in one visit (even if we are talking about a full reconstruction on one/both jaws). I’m willing to spend up to 10–12 hours a day on treatment. After that, there will be a few more short visits to make.”

Dental prosthetics

We make prosthetic constructions of varying complexity in our own dental laboratory, equipped with digital, high-precision equipment. We also have the most renowned technician in the world. This allows for us to provide treatment as quickly as possible, no matter where in the world the patient lives. Just 5–7 days with Tetri’s Smile — and you’ll fly home with a finished set of teeth.

We provide two treatment options for prosthetics — treatment with, or without implants.

stages of dental prosthetics

Dental implants

  • We use premium implants: Paltop, Straumann, Zimmer, Nobel.
  • Dr. Tetri was directly involved in the development of several lines of Paltop titanium rods.
  • Implants are placed according to the two-step, one-step, one-stage methods or the All-on-6 method.
dental implants

Just one day with me — and the patient walks away with new teeth!

After the artificial roots are implanted in the jawbone, we can immediately load them with a temporary prosthesis. While the patient is under sedation in the chair, we fix the exact location of the implants using PIC technology, scan the soft tissues of the oral cavity, and create the most accurate digital model in the world (margin of error down to 7 microns). We send it to the lab, where in just three to six hours a robot creates a prosthesis that can be placed on the implants immediately.”

Tooth restoration

We restore the functionality and structural integrity of the damaged teeth with fillings and crowns. We use the best techniques and durable, aesthetic materials. Treatment of root canals prior to restoration is performed by an internationally renowned endodontist (lecturer and author of numerous scientific articles).


We correct the bite with aligners (for minor curvature) and braces (for more serious pathologies) after a careful GNM diagnostic. We use four different types of braces: metal, ceramic, sapphire, and self-ligating.

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Tetri's Smile

Why do patients choose us?
  1. We work hard and do our best to restore your oral health as quickly as possible.
  2. We enjoy the process – we love to make people’s lives better!
  3. We find solutions in situations where other clinics are powerless.
  4. Tetri’s Smile staff includes not just experienced doctors, but experts who are engaged in scientific activities (teaching at universities and publishing scientific articles).
  5. Our clinic receives praise in the media (as seen in Ocean Drive).
  6. We carry the most advanced and modern equipment such as:
    • PIC camera (for the ultra-precise location of newly installed implants and early prosthetics)
    • K7 digital occlusal analysis (for detecting occlusal disorders, diagnosing TMJ, finding the resting point of the jaw system, and protecting veneers, crowns, or bridges from high loads, as well as eliminating headaches and premature aging of the face)
dr Tetri