Hello, I am Dr. Tetri – a board certified periodontist and owner of Tetri’s Smile Clinic.

Tetri’s Smile consists of a team of the best doctors, providing top-tier dentistry. With them, I am able to make my dreams come true – to always treat our patients so that the results exceed their expectations. And for the patient, this should look like a miracle – what cannot be solved in other clinics, we, at Tetri’s Smile, quickly and correctly solve. We provide such rare services as gneuromuscular dentistry, piezocision in orthodontic treatment.

Achievements of Tetri’s Smile Clinic

Express treatment

I have changed the concept of full jaw implantation – I do a full mouth reconstruction in one day without pain and stress, without sacrificing quality. Even patients from other countries can fly to me and fly away with new teeth in 3 days.

We will solve all your questions here

I am approached by patients with a complex clinical picture, when treatment requires a meeting of several doctors of different specializations (periodontist, orthopedist, implantologist), as well as experience in precision microsurgical operations. In my person, the patient receives a consultation of doctors in one place.

Gneuromuscular dentistry

I am one of the few implantologists in the US trained in gneuromuscular dentistry. My patients do not just get new teeth and a beautiful smile – they get rid of constant headaches, migraines, clicking of the temporomandibular joint. In other clinics, these symptoms are not taken into account when drawing up a treatment plan.

VIP treatment by the best doctors

Sometimes several doctors need to be involved in the treatment. I wanted my patients, having opened the doors of the clinic, to be able to undergo VIP treatment of any complexity in the shortest possible time in one place. To do this, he assembled a team of professionals – the best of the best in the USA:

T. Cem Sayin (D.D.S., PH.D.)

Board-certified Endodontist, lecturer worldwide, author of scientific articles.

Svitlana Koval (DMD)

Orthodontist, author of numerous scientific papers, active member of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics and the International Association of Orthodontics.

Advanced equipment

I am convinced that to achieve extraordinary results, it is not just the team that is important, but also the advanced equipment with which it works. We have something that 90% of other clinics do not have: PIC DENTAL, K7 CMS, TENS. Nevertheless, it is important to be able to correctly interpret the data obtained during the diagnosis, and then competently draw up a treatment plan. And not many people can do it. And those few work for Tetri’s Smile.

One of the best laboratories

The clinic has its own dental laboratory. After the implants are installed, their position is scanned using PIC DENTAL technology. Then, using a digital model in the laboratory, in 3 hours the robot cuts out a complete bridge with an accuracy of 5 microns. This allows us to make new teeth for the patient in 1 day – we value the time of our patients.

History Tetri’s Smile

Get acquainted with the history of Tetri’s Smile clinic!


I graduated from the Shapira School of Dental Technology in Tel Aviv.


Graduated from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry with a doctorate in dentistry.


Moved to New York to get a better education. Entering New York University (in 2006 received a degree in dental surgery, and in 2009 - a certificate in periodontics).


Started private practice in New York by opening a dental boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Patients from different states began to contact me. Rumors about me quickly spread, and soon patients from different countries began to arrive at the clinic.


I am becoming an assistant professor at NYU College of Dentistry. I teach microsurgery in periodontology, cosmetic periodontology and surgery in dental implantation.


I decided to move to Miami, a city whose atmosphere and warmth I quickly fell in love with. Opened a new branch of Tetri's Smile in Sunny Isles Beach. The New York office continues to operate.

More and more patients come to me. Decided to assemble a team of professionals. He invited Dr. T. Cem Sayin, Svitlana Koval to the staff of the clinic.

I am studying at Occlusion Connections – is an advanced teaching center upholding neuromuscular and gnathic principles at their highest levels.


Tetri's Smile Clinic continues to grow in popularity. Appointments for me and other doctors are scheduled two months in advance.


I will continue to be one step ahead by learning new technologies and maintaining an active membership in professional dental communities.