Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery
Patient 1
This patient came to see us because she was grinding her teeth and experiencing headaches, neck and jaw pain.
It turns out, her teeth were slowly shortening and her face structure changed. Basically, it collapsed.
Aside from the obvious cosmetic issue, the patient said the migraines were getting worse.
As you can see on the "after" photos, her teeth were restored to their original size to help with her bite, the position of her lower jaw was adjusted with a neuromuscular treatment, and she received new veneers on each of her teeth.
Finally, teeth pain is gone. Another case of complete cosmetic and functional neuromuscular restoration!
These great results are really only possible by utilizing the neuromuscular philosophy, which is a core tenet here at Tetri Smile.

Patient 2
Patient stated she tried different approaches not to let her face oval change. Unfortunately, some of the cosmetic procedures she tried, were not effective in her case. Patient learned at her consultation visit that full mouth rehabilitation will be the treatment which will not only reshape her teeth but will enhance the aesthetic appearance and beauty.

Patient 3
Patient was diagnosed with severe grinding. All of the teeth were significantly worn down. New smile was created for the patient which improves patient's oral health, function, and enhances appearance.

Patient 4
Patient presented unhappy with existing bridges. Some of the crowns were chipped. Patient's complained he couldn't chew well. With our advanced technologies, the new smile was developed and new bridges were placed allowing pt to enjoy his favourite foods and avoid future oral health complications.

Patient 5
Patient wore dentures for many years. Suffered from severe bone loss, multiple missing teeth, advanced periodontitis. Wearing dentures worsened the condition greatly. Our computer guided implant procedure allowed the patient to walk out from the office with beautiful teeth at the day when he had several complicated surgical procedures completed.

Patient 6
Patient had pain and inflammation under existing crowns. At the same visit all cavities were removed, multiple implants placed. The non- removable bridges that look, feel and function as natural teeth were attached immediately after the surgical procedure.

Patient 7
Patient's complaint at her initial visit was:
"Some of my crowns were replaced many times and they keep breaking and the gap in the centre became bigger". Our professional team created an ideal smile for the patient taking into account not only patient's complains about ongoing problems with broken crowns, but her skin tone, facial features, and even hair color.

Patient 8
This patient was very unhappy with her smile. Dental restorations she had, made her feel insecure and unconfident due to misaligned dental crowns.
A new smile was presented to the patient and she absolutely loved it. Patient's smile was upgraded with placing veneers and crowns.

Patient 9
Patient presented to his first visit with multiple fractured teeth, multiple teeth with extensive caries, and advanced periodontitis. With our new 3 D technology and collaborative work of the dental technicians and the doctor, cavities removal, implants placement and placement of new beautiful teeth were completed at the same visit. Patient left the practice not only with a vibrant healthy smile but with the teeth which allow him to bite and chew any foods properly.