Anti-snoring mouthpieces

Normalize healthy deep sleep

Get rid of morning headaches

Chronic irritability and fatigue will pass

Quality of life will improve, work capacity will increase

At Tetri’s Smile Clinic, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (breathing stops during sleep) are eliminated using innovative neuromuscular mouthpieces. On the very first night with the mouthpiece, you will notice how snoring will go away. You will be able to breathe freely through your mouth and nose.

Dr. Tetri

«For most people, their snoring is strongly connected to having an incorrect bite, dysfunction of the VNSC (vertebro-neuro-stomatognathic system), as well as a decrease in the tone of the jaw and facial muscles. My uniqueness lies in my extensive experience in neuromuscular dentistry. I know how to diagnose and address the root causes of an abnormal bite and eliminate pathologies in the function of the masticatory muscles at the nerve-muscle level. Before making an anti-snoring mouthpiece, I conduct comprehensive neuromuscular diagnostics: CMS, EMG, ESG, TENS. Hence, the mouthpiece not only helps to eliminate snoring, but also treat the root causes of obstructive sleep apnea.»

What are anti-snoring mouthpieces?

Anti-snoring mouthpieces are removable intraoral devices in the form of dental arches, connected to each other by a special adjustable mechanism. Both parts are made of a non-flexible hypoallergenic polymer. The mouthpiece fits tightly on both rows of teeth, fixing the position of the lower jaw in an extended position.

Alt anti-snoring mouthpieces

How do mouthpieces work?

After the mouthpiece is placed on both jaws, the lower jaw is slightly advanced forward (up to 5 mm). The distance between the walls of the pharynx increases by up to 1 cm. The airways open and remain open throughout the night. Air enters the lungs without obstruction. The root of the tongue changes position. The soft tissues of the pharynx, which are usually relaxed during sleep and vibrate during breathing, creating the characteristic sound of snoring, are tightened.

Dr. Tetri

«Treating snoring with mouthpieces is impossible if you are missing teeth, for the structure needs to be reliably fixated. Full mouth reconstruction may be required. Also, before installing a mouthpiece for obstructive sleep apnea, it is mandatory to bring the mouth hygiene level, treat caries, and periodontitis.»

Is this treatment suitable for me?

Mouthpiece treatment is indicated for patients diagnosed with:

Snoring during sleep without stops in breathing

Nighttime apnea with mild to moderate stops in breathing

Do you have symptoms of sleep apnea?

Morning headaches

Daytime sleepiness, a feeling of exhaustion

Frequent (up to 10 times per night) urges to urinate

Nighttime awakenings with pain and dryness in the throat

Loss of concentration, memory impairment

Weight gain

Dr. Tetri

«If you do not eliminate nighttime snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, the risk of stroke/heart attack increases dramatically due to oxygen starvation. It also contributes to arrhythmias, obesity, and depression. Make an appointment with me for a consultation to learn how to get rid of nighttime snoring and protect yourself from its side effects with a mouthpiece!»

Stages of crafting mouthpieces at our clinic

Neuromuscular diagnostics (30 minutes)

The doctor assesses the condition of the teeth and the function of the masticatory muscles, as well as the temporomandibular joint. He analyzes the trajectory of the lower jaw movement when opening/closing the mouth, and records deviations. He scans the airway patency and shows the patient the areas of blockage.

Oral cavity rehabilitation

We perform professional teeth cleaning, eliminating plaque and tartar. We treat caries and eliminate other existing dental and gum pathologies.

Taking dental impressions (30 minutes)

The doctor takes impressions, prepares a 3D model of the mouthpiece, and sends it to a dental laboratory. The mouthpiece is constructed overnight.

Fitting, adjustment (30 minutes)

The doctor fits the mouthpiece and adjusts the force of the lower jaw advancement. If the jaw is not advanced forward enough, the results will prove to be undesirable.  If their position is too drastically adjusted, the facial muscles will ache.

We explain the necessary requirements to use your mouthpiece safely, as well make a follow-up appointment for further monitoring and mouthpiece adjustment.

What is the difference between personalized and ready-to-wear mouthpieces?

Dr. Tetri

Will the same pair of shoes fit a large man and a slender woman? The answer is obviously “no”. Since the shape of the jaws and teeth is different with each individual, the anti-snoring mouthpiece must be made based on a unique impression. First of all, a standard mouthpiece simply won’t fit. Secondly, it won’t give you the desired results. Third, self-treatment with standard anti-snoring mouthpieces without dentist supervision will lead to problems with teeth, bite, chewing muscles, and the temporomandibular joint.

Dr. Tetri

At Tetri’s Smile Clinic, personalized neuromuscular mouthpieces are used to eliminate snoring. What are their advantages in comparison to regular ready-to-wear structures?


Individual mouthpieces provide better results. Their high effectiveness in eliminating uncomplicated snoring or mild/moderate apnea is clinically proven. Universal ready-made mouthpieces are less effective.


They accurately replicate the shape of the teeth. They advance the lower jaw to a certain distance to refrain from causing facial muscle hypertonicity. The adaptation period is minimal – a few days.


Neuromuscular individual mouthpieces exclude disruption of teeth alignment, facial muscle hypertonicity, and other side effects of ready-to-wear standard products. The risk of swallowing is eliminated.

Prolonged use of ready-to-wear standard mouthpieces leads to the dysfunction of the jaw joints, as well as serious dental problems.