Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry at Tetri’s Smile is a comprehensive solution to any tooth and gum problem in one place. We perform diagnostics using advanced methods not available in other clinics. We design your future smile before the treatment starts, and bring it to reality in the shortest time possible. 

Treatment is conducted under the full supervision of Dr. Tetri, the founder of Tetri’s Smile and an interdisciplinary specialist, with more than 16 years of experience in periodontology, gneuromuscular dentistry (GNM), implantology, and maxillofacial surgery of any complexity.

Our patients leave with wide smiles and full confidence!

What cosmetic dentistry includes

Cosmetic dentistry at Tetri’s Smile is a method of restoring and rejuvenating the smile, as well as addressing dental issues at the primal neuromuscular level. We eliminate anything that keeps you from having a big smile with Zoom4 teeth whitening, veneers, braces or aligners, inlays or overlays.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry pricing

Installation of one ceramic veneer
from $1.800
Installation of one feldspar ceramic veneer
from $1.200
from $5.000

Smart cosmetic dentistry at Tetri's Smile

How is our approach different from other clinics?

1. Gneuromuscular dentistry (GNM)

We perform comprehensive hardware diagnostics on the deepest neuromuscular level. We help correct your bite and protect your teeth, fillings, crowns, and veneers from sudden breakage in the future. We prevent the development of TMJ and temporomandibular joint disease.

Up to 70% of all people suffer from malocclusion, but may not yet be aware of it. Sign up for a consultation — we’ll help you recognize the issue and fix it with advanced Neuromuscular techniques.

Gneuromuscular dentistry (GNM)
smile design

2. We will show your future smile with Digital Smile Design

Dr. Tetri shows the result of future treatment before it begins. You can see your new smile with the help of a special computer program (transferring a 3D model of the patient’s maxillary system into it). This is a unique concept developed at Tetri’s Smile.

3. We use state-of-the-art equipment

For example:

  1. K7 EVALUATION SYSTEMa modern computer complex for in-depth bite diagnostics (sonography, electromyography, jaw motion tracking). It helps to detect deviations from central occlusion and temporomandibular joint disorders as accurately as possible.
  2. Dental Microscopes Global A-Series helps to ensure a perfect fit of the veneers to the tooth enamel and gum.
Dental Microscope

Our patients smile often and boldly

Before After

The problem: Increased wear and loss of whiteness of teeth.

The solution: GNM diagnostics, smile modeling. We fabricated the exact fit zirconia crowns.

The result: A delightful smile. The face now looks 15–20 years younger. The muscles of the neck were no longer in high tone, and the patient was free of pain and discomfort.

Before After

The problem: Bruxism and frequent crown breakage.

The solution: GNM diagnostics, smile modeling. Full mouth rehab with ceramic-coated zirconia crowns for all teeth. 

The result: The vertical height of the face was restored, the smile broadened, bruxism was eliminated, the muscles stopped hurting, and neck mobility increased.

Want a celebrity smile? Consult a celebrity doctor

Dr. Tetri
Dr. Tetri offers a unique approach to scheduling and treating patients, focusing on all dental and gum problems.

His work reflects 16 years of training and successful practice in various areas of orthodontic, surgical, and neuromuscular dentistry, which allows you to select and implement quality treatment in the shortest possible time without the involvement of a whole council of single-discipline doctors.

Dr. Baruch Tetri
  • 6,500+ patients given a healthy, beautiful smile and freed of any more dental problems
  • Lecturer at Nova Southeastern University, Department of Periodontics
  • Trained and practiced in three countries (Israel, USA, Russia)
  • Consultant to a well-known American implant manufacturer — Dr. Tetri’s recommendations were used to create a whole series of implants.

Methods of cosmetic dentistry

We’ll find the best solution for your teeth!


We create a beautiful, Hollywood smile with feldspar-coated ceramic veneers. In contrast to E-max plates without veneer, they will last at least 10–15 years without losing their original color and help hide the following defects: large interdental spaces, the curvature of the teeth, and a significant darkening of enamel.

Braces and aligners

Braces and aligners

We solve malocclusion and crooked teeth with braces or aligners and digital dentistry. We use cutting-edge techniques that allow for discomfort-free treatment with the fastest adaptation possible. We will bring you back self-confidence, along with a flawless smile. 

Aligners are used to correct minor defects that are not visible on the teeth.

Braces are used to correct the most complex cases, such as a crossbite.


In 1 hour we can change the color of tooth enamel by at least 8 shades! We use a safe and effective whitening technology — Zoom 4. It not only brightens tooth enamel, but also restores its mineral composition. 

Forget about discolored teeth and enjoy a white smile for 2–3 years.

Zoom4 whitening

Inlays and onlays

We use crowns in cases where more than 50% is missing and the root is intact. If a filling cannot be placed because of severe damage and a crown is impractical, we can perform restoration with a dental inlay, which is made with impressions in the laboratory, superior to conventional restorations in aesthetic and functional characteristics.

All prosthetic structures are made in our dental laboratory on high-precision equipment that provides a filigree accuracy of installation.
We take on complex cases
90% of Tetri’s Smile patients are people who have already been treated in other clinics, but their visits have been unsuccessful. Dr. Tetri and his team are ready to find a solution when other specialists give up. We identify and solve the root causes of dental problems: bruxism, tooth wear, and crooked teeth. We provide comprehensive services, such as Smile Makeover and Full Mouth Reconstruction, using premium implants and total prosthetics (All-on-6).