At Tetri’s Smile, we do full mouth reconstruction with dental crowns. Schedule an appointment at Tetri’s Smile Clinic – we will conduct a complete diagnosis, devise a treatment plan, and choose the right denture for your retained tooth or implant.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an orthopedic prosthesis placed on a preserved root or implant to restore the anatomical shape of the tooth. An artificial crown is needed when a filling or veneer cannot be placed.

We restore the beauty of your smile with dentures and match the color to your natural shade of enamel. We also restore a beautiful gingival margin after prosthetics, making the transition point of the crown unnoticeable.


Dental crowns: Before and after

An example of a patient of Dr. Tetri after treatment and dentoprosthetic rehabilitation. The patient came to the clinic with a complicated clinical case, his teeth had decayed, and he suffered from constant discomfort. He was diagnosed with bruxism.

The result of treatment – Dr. Tetri performed a complete reconstruction of the upper and lower jaw. He restored the bite, eliminated bruxism, and then placed zirconia crowns on the retained teeth.

Before After
We will find the best solution for any clinical situation

How much does a dental crown cost?

IPS E-max ceramic crown
starting at $1,800
All-zirconia crown
starting at $1,800
Multi-layer zirconia crown
starting at $1,800
Implant + ceramic crown
starting at $3,500
Dr. Druz

Looking for a clinic near you that offers premium-quality crowns? Come to Tetri’s Smile.

I work with magnification, ensuring minimal tooth preparation for the crown. I guarantee a perfect fit of the crown to the tooth. It won’t harm the surrounding soft tissues, and there won’t be any food residue accumulating underneath.

We craft crowns with premium aesthetics, precision comparable to jewelry, in our own dental laboratory. We have an experienced ceramist with a global reputation on our team.

Dr. Druz
Dr. Tetri

Dr. Tetri is a board-certified periodontist, prosthodontist, and GNM implantologist. He performs complete diagnostics and comprehensive dental restoration using premium technology. Additionally, Tetri’s Smile works with a world-renowned ceramist.

Make an appointment for a consultation if you have:

  • A destroyed tooth with a preserved root
  • Worn enamel (bruxism)
  • A damaged old denture.

We use advanced PIC technology. After scanning the oral cavity, the robot makes a new tooth with a precision of fit to 5-7 microns. This is the most precise method of making crowns. For the sake of this technology, it is worth coming to the clinic even from another country.

Dr. Baruch Tetri

Types of dental crowns by material


Ceramic tooth crowns don’t have a metal framework. Hence, they are the best option for front teeth. The ceramic frame fully matches the color of the dentition, and the surface echoes the translucency of enamel.

IPS E-max ceramic crowns are suitable for single restorations or anterior bridge restorations. The design has impeccable aesthetics and is fully biocompatible.

Ceramic crown

Zirconia crowns are very strong and suitable for restorations of anterior or masticatory teeth. The design withstands high chewing loads.

We make crowns of zirconium dioxide:

  1. All-zirconia – made of a monolith zirconia block. It is extremely durable, can withstand heavy loads. Suitable for single restorations on molars or bridges.
  2. Multi-layer zirconia – we use multi-layer zirconium dioxide with a color gradient identical to the enamel. Indicated for prosthetics of the anterior area of the jaw.
Zirconia crown

What type of dental crowns are right for me?

It all depends on the clinical situation. I recommend restoring the anterior teeth with E-max ceramic crowns because they best match the color of the enamel.

It is better to choose zirconia crowns for restoring the lateral chewing teeth. They are the strongest to withstand the chewing load. I recommend products with a metal frame for hyperfunction of the masticatory muscles and bruxism.

Manufacturing in our in-house laboratory

Dental laboratory

Tetri’s Smile has a dental laboratory. We guarantee the quality of dental crowns and the shortest possible prosthetics duration..

Unique quality
The dentures are made by a robot, so they have unique qualities. We prepare a 3D model of the dentition, using the Exocad software in the laboratory. The machine drills the frame with high accuracy (tolerance of 5-7 microns). A fixed denture is visually and functionally identical to the permanent teeth.


We conduct examinations on modern, high-precision equipment. Dr. Tetri uses comprehensive treatment in the gneuromuscular dentistry (GNM) program. We conduct digital planning for your new smile and coordinate all the steps before treatment.
We use an intraoral scanner to diagnose 1-2 teeth or the entire row. A deep dynamic scanning technology (up to 20 mm) provides accurate color images.
We conduct a comprehensive study of jaw movement and check muscles and joints. A dentist determines the indications for bite correction.
The world's most accurate digital impression technology for dentures.
We create a targeted 3D image of the required area (high quality 125 µm/voxel X-ray).

Placement stages

Personalized treatment plan
We discuss your wishes on the color and select the placement method (on the tooth root or implant).
We solve problems identified during diagnosis (correction of bite, treatment of dental diseases). We perform a complete debridement of the oral cavity and preparation or trimming of dentine tissues for crowns. We place implants according to the indications.
Fitting and placement
We check the position and bite on the temporary crown. After fitting, we fix the permanent denture to the tooth or implant abutment.
Checking the result
We schedule a preventive checkup every 2 weeks after prosthetics. This is a mandatory stage of treatment for crown correction at bite stabilization.

Dental care after tooth crown placement

Individual oral hygiene is mandatory. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing. Once every six months, you should visit the clinic for a comprehensive oral cleaning.

Attend preventive check-ups – the doctor will check your new teeth and the condition of the crown. You should also undergo oral hygiene procedures at the clinic three times a year.


Does placing a crown hurt?

No, it doesn’t. An anesthesiologist works with the patient before the teeth are faced or prepared. The placement and fitting of the structure is painless.

How long will a crown last?

Ceramics and zirconia last up to 20 years and even more if you follow the recommendations of the doctor.

What happens if I don’t get a crown?

It depends on the clinical situation. If you don’t restore the tooth, it will decay. This will lead to impaired masticatory function, and healthy teeth will begin to shift. Your bite may become abnormal, and you might feel pain.

Do you want to restore your teeth?

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