Dr. Baruch Tetri

What If I am Afraid of Getting Dental Implants?

Board-certified periodontist
March 13, 2023

When it comes to dental implants, most people are terrified and nervous — “Will it hurt while an implant is being screwed into my jawbone?”,What if complications arise after surgery?”. Let us help you overcome your fears and anxieties about dental implants.

Modern anesthesia will help you overcome the fear of dental implants

Do you know how local anesthesia works? Ten minutes after a single injection, your teeth start to block out nerve impulses. This effect lasts up to 2 to 3 hours. You will feel no pain, just the touch of the doctor’s fingers or tools used.

If you are anxious, Dr Tetri will be doing IV sedation soon, we will not need anesthesiologist.

Dr. Tetri
Dr. Tetri

Implantation at Tetri’s Smile is neither painful nor scary. Surgery is performed under conscious sedation – a pleasant experience without stress.

One injection is enough for a complete upper and lower row implantation.

Have no fear: dental implants are the optimal solution to restore your teeth!

The absence of one or more teeth leads to:

  • Overloading. The remaining teeth start to loosen, causing a hyperfunctional occlusion.
  • Displacement. The other teeth lose support, move sideways, and may cause an incorrect bite.
  • Atrophy. The longer you wait to have your teeth restored, the more bone volume is lost.

Knowing this, it is vital you develop the right attitude towards implantation and understand the importance of saving your remaining teeth. This will protect you from developing severe complications later on.

Choose the best implant dentist available

You may fear implantation because of the giant task at hand, especially if your entire lower and upper teeth rows need to be rebuilt. You may think your case is too difficult for anyone to handle. An experienced implant dentist will help you decide whether to have surgery or not.

Take time to prepare and schedule appointments with 3 or 4 different doctors.  Ask questions during your visit, and ask the doctor to provide examples of cases similar to yours. Ask yourself – “Which doctor was the easiest to communicate with?”

Usually, all doubts and fears are dispelled after a consultation with an experienced implant dentist. A true professional will make you feel confident in choosing them. Find a dentist who will help you overcome your fears.

Find a clinic you trust

Patients often refuse implantation in fear of complications. In reality, only 2-3% of cases are accompanied by complications (usually caused by bad diagnostics or a doctor’s mistake). Therefore, make sure the professionals you entrust perform an in-depth diagnostic and avoid mistakes.

Dr. Tetri

“We use the most advanced diagnostic devices out there: intraoral, PIC, and CT scanners; axiograph, TENS, CMS, EMG, and ESG. Some of these devices are exclusive to our lab.

I perform full-mouth reconstruction adhering to the principles of Gneuromuscular Dentistry, being one of the few specialists in Florida who practice this advanced approach to dentistry. I take on the most complex cases and perform surgeries with 100% guaranteed success!”

Dr. Baruch Tetri

Feel confident in understanding your treatment plan

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the progress of your treatment. Find a clinic that does it all. Whether it is a tooth extraction, gum surgery, root canal treatment, or bone grafting – well-rounded professionals are the key to success.

Tetri’s Smile offers “Digital Smile Design”. This unique service allows you to “try on” your future smile with a mock-up before treatment even begins.

Guaranteed quality: long-lasting confidence

Worried that your new implants won’t survive? Make sure the clinic you choose offers a guarantee for the implants and the work performed. 

Most dental clinics offer a guarantee of 1 to 2 years, but you should find a clinic that offers at least 3 years.

Tetri’s Smile offers a 5-year guarantee on implants and dentures, as long as you come to us for professional oral hygiene at least three times a year.

The survival rate of our implants is 99.8%. We exclude the risk of rejection in patients with diabetes, periodontitis, or peri-implant pathology.

Entrust professionals that get the job done quickly

People often ask: “Can I get all my implants installed in one day?”. The answer is: “Yes, even if you have no remaining teeth.”

This is not miracle work (though many say it is). In contrast, it is simply the standard of Dr. Tetri – a true master ready to provide you with a brand-new smile with All-on-X / All-on-6.